6 Nations at the Moose

It’s back! After going into hibernation as a result of the ongoing pandemic – the Six Nations finally returned this month to complete the games that got cancelled due to Corona (damn you, Corona!). The good news is that we’ll be showing the last three games here at the Moose this weekend. That’s right, this Saturday you can eat, drink, and watch the final unfold.

The Six Nations is a yearly rugby union tournament between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, and Italy. Historically the games begin in February and last throughout March, however as with a lot of events this year, the remaining fixtures were cancelled. As Coronavirus infected the entire world and the world was (and continues to) deal with a virus we don’t understand, daily life suffered huge disruption – and luxuries such as attending sporting, music, arts events etc. ceased pretty quickly. Thankfully, as we return to some sort of normality, things are beginning to pick up again, the rugby being no exception.

We’re looking forward to broadcasting the event live and observing alongside our customers which team will win the title this year. Will we (England) take the title from last years winner, Wales? Or will they hold onto their title? We’ve only got three days left to wait and find out! Round five kicks off at 14:15pm this Saturday 31st October with France vs. Wales, followed by Italy vs. England at 16:45pm. The last game commences at 20:05pm – seeing France vs. Ireland.

Make sure you book as tables will go quickly! We’ve got delicious food, awesome beers, killer cocktails, and a range of soft drinks for those doing Sober October! Don’t forget you can still get a Moose-wurst meal, which we’re glad to announce will be added to our main menu.