It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had any good news, especially with all the new COVID-19 rules and restrictions that have been put into place. So, we thought we would give you some – we’ve had a revamp of our cocktail menu and it’s guaranteed to make you nostalgic! Six delicious new cocktails have been added to our menu, all of which are named after the best of the 90’s.

Find out more about the newest additions below…


Pulp Fiction

Yes. After the 90’s cult classic film. “I said Goddamn.” That’s how we feel about this belly-warming tequila-based cocktail. Bursting with berry flavours.


Lime juice

Blueberry puree


Blanco tequila



This one is “totally buggin’”, it’s sweet and fruity – Cher would 100% approve.

Lemon juice

Muddled raspberries

Vanilla syrup


Midas Prosecco


Zig A Zig Ah!

Think of an espresso martini… that tastes like white chocolate. Indulge in this dessert-like cocktail, with whipped cream, a light dusting of chocolate powder – finished off with a sprinkle of rock sea salt.

Cacao blanc syrup




25ml Vodka


Ab Fab

If you like strawberry flavoured drinks – the Ab Fab is 100% for you. This vodka-based cocktail is sophisticated and delicious.

Lemon juice

Vanilla syrup

Cacao blanc

Strawberry puree



The Fresh Prince

Imagine a Solero ice cream – that’s exactly what this cocktail tastes like. It’s dreamy, creamy and fruity. Even though we’re heading into winter… you can sip this and feel like you’re on a beach somewhere with an ice-cream.

Mango syrup

Passionfruit puree


Red Leg pineapple



Spice Girls – every 90’s girls favourite girl pop group. GRL PWR is refreshing and fun.

Lime juice

Watermelon syrup

Sliced muddled cucumber

Egg white



So why not book a table with us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and try out our delicious new menu – you can book on our website!