Why we’re dining only

For all of us, COVID-19 has put a huge spanner in the works for all kinds of reasons. We have all had to adapt to the ever-changing rules and regulations the government have put into place and it sometimes feels as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

Hospitality businesses (especially) have had to adapt – with stricter rules such as closing at 10pm every night, affecting our usually busy weekend night trade. These restrictions has seen us now closing on Mondays and Tuesdays. With this in mind, we have taken steps to ensure our survival during these uncertain times.

Why can’t we book for drinks only? Now, especially, we need to keep an eye out and look after both our staff and customers. With increased drinking or drinks only bookings, social distancing tends to fly out the window and it’s easy for people to forget about the rules that keep us safe. With face masks mandatory for both customers and staff, there is a lot to be mindful of. Often these details can be overlooked by people after a few drinks and are potentially harmful to staff and to other customers.

During these unprecedented times, our business has had to adapt to a new ‘normal’ – so we’ve shifted away from being primarily a bar, to offer more of a restaurant experience. We are aiming to be more inclusive of those who may not have necessarily visited before, for them to enjoy and experience our delicious burgers, our famous Sunday roasts, creative cocktails and a chilled, friendly vibe – whilst also looking after our loyal patrons.

We want to stay open and keep everyone safe, so for now we are operating a little differently than we usually would. Following the rules, keeping good social distancing measures and being mindful while you’re out – is key to restrictions being lifted.

Our 8-step plan to being COVID secure:

  • ALL our staff have full COVID secure training based on the governments COVID secure guidelines. Our teams are temperature checked prior to entering the building at the beginning of every shift each day
  • Our teams are ensure the safety of you and staff.
  • PPE will be worn by staff while in the venue, as well as customers (except for when seated).
  • Social distancing will be adhered to.
  • Card payments are encouraged.
  • With every booking prior to being seated you must register with the NHS track & trace app. You will find this printed and laminated on every front door of every Moose venue.
  • Once you are sat at your table you must not mix with other tables or sit elsewhere, if you are going to the toilet or outside to smoke you must wear your mask. Bookings will be for an hour and a half to ensure maximum time to clean/sanitise your table for the next booking.
  • Please book a table via our website Menus are now as QR codes which staff will provide to you when seated, cutlery and condiments will be delivered to you when your food arrives.

Stay safe and #eatdrinkmoose